When I go through life's changes, I sometimes find my self getting way off base.  But You snatch me from destructive situations.  Thank You for being here.  At times I can't see why things happen the way they do.  But You know, and You are still here.  Thank You for being patient with me.  Thank You for how Your compassion and love never fail.  

I'm growing in my walk with You.  Because of all You teach me, I'm learning to give my joys, my worries, m disappointments, my goals, and dreams.  They are all in Your sure hands.  Lord, You are first now in everything I do and plan.  What a comfort to know You will live forever and ever, and that I can always be with You.  You have promised to always be my God, ad keep me Your child.  Through eternity, I cling to You, the Rock of my salvation.  I shall never fear.  You are with me. You are first, last, always, my God and my dearest friend.